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Perfect for an exotic ambience or a featured performance, we are available for your event. We can perform as a full group augmented with extra dancers and musicians or as a solo instrument-whatever is needed. The passion and appreciation we hold for this beautiful music reaches and moves everyone no matter what their background. Bringing the world closer together through education we are also very happy speaking about the music and dance we perform. Arab Music Ensemble would be perfect for any presentation/lecture/seminar opportunities. The energy of the percussion, singing tones of the Oud and violin will carry you away to another time and place and resonate with the love of beautiful art and music that ties us all together. There is nothing like live music to touch and interact with the listener- it is an experience that you can not replace with a CD. Enrich your life with the joy of beautiful music and dance from the other side of the world-a delicacy for the eyes and ears in this desert of the American Southwest. Call or email Bishr at 702-374-5911

Dr. Bishr Hijazi, now a prominent Hand and Microvascular Surgeon in Las Vegas, was born in Kuwait and studied with Egyptian, Syrian, and Jordanian Arabic master musicians in the Middle East and in the United States. He has toured Europe, Middle East and the US as a classical/flamenco guitarist. ​Having his career based in Las Vegas, NV, he has created and maintained the Arab Music Ensemble with classically trained violinist Laraine Kaizer-Viazovtsev of the United States, backed by Arab percussion provided by the brothers Azzi who both studied their instruments at the conservatory in their home country of Lebanon. They have both accompanied very prominent Lebanese and Arab artists. More recently this ensemble has added a talented dancer: Zhanna of Kazakstan. Featuring a wide repertoire of this art from classical to traditional and contemporary music from all parts of the Arab World. ​Experience the beautiful and exotic sounds and sights of the middle east through music and dance. ​A selection of contemporary and classical Arab Music will be performed by the Arab Music Ensemble which includes Oud, Violin, Riqq, Durbakkeh and dancer.

Enrich your life with the joy of beautiful music and dance from the other side of the world a delicacy for the eyes and ears


Arab Music Ensemble 

call 702-374-5911 



Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV, United States

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Arab Music Ensemble of Las Vegas NV, Bishr Hijazi Oud, Laraine Kaizer Violin, Charbel and Charles Azzi Percussion, Zhanna Dancer, classical and modern Arabic Music